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Update Sept. 24, 2009 Pro and Con " Fit Over 40 " Weight Loss Program By Health Experts

Fit Over 40 Weight loss program is designed by Jon Benson with the help of Tom Venuto (the famous trainer). The intention of this program is for men and women over 40 who want to lose weight, look youthful, feel energetic, and improve their health. As always, we provide you with the information and Pro and Con opinions of health experts. It is up to you to decide if the program is suitable for you. Please consult with your doctor before applying, if you decide to follow this program.

Recommended Program

Fit Over 40
Amazing Inspirational Anti-aging,
Health And Weight Loss E-book
For The Over 40 Crowd

Fit Over 40
By Neil A Thomas

Whenever I am asked how old I am one of the answers I will sometimes give is that there has been a lot of water gone under this bridge. I don't really know where this comes from, maybe my father had something to do with it.

Nowadays we seem to be more obsessed about age than we ever have been, people tend to want to stay young, rather than grow old gracefully, I suppose that is why plastic surgery is now just routine.

When we were young people over 40 were old codgers, when you get to 40 younger people just don't know where its at. Maybe we should all just be thankful that we are still around to enjoy life to the full.

For the thought that when you get to 40 you are over the hill, the reply should be life begins at 40, the one thing you do attain as you get older is experience in many things and a better understanding of life.

I have been fortunate in my life to have spent a lot of time on the road, this has led to meeting many people, of many different cultures and countries and overall there was a general understanding that older people should be respected, when the respect is not present, that is when you have problems.

A very funny writer in the UK was once asked what was his definition of old age, to which he replied Old age is when you think it is perfectly normal to spend most of the evening in the toilet! I think when you get to that stage you have got some serious thinking to do.

I have spent a large part of my life involved in sport and one of the questions you ask yourself when you stop is what do I do now. The answer is obvious, you don't have to stop, just maybe change to a less physical or demanding type. Fitness is not just in the body, a large part of being fit is also in the mind and also what you eat and your lifestyle.

Nowadays a lot of fitness regimes tend to revolve around the younger generation, this is not a bad thing as a big problem worldwide seems to be childhood obesity, I also think young people spend more time indoors so getting them out is good.

There is a good site for fitness and health relating to those over 40 and it can be found here:


Recommended Program
Fit Over 40
Amazing Inspirational Anti-aging,
Health And Weight Loss E-book
For The Over 40 Crowd

Fit Over 40 - Is it Still Possible to Be Fit and Healthy at That Age?
By Tom Mandasco Platinum Quality Author

Well, I am over 40 for many years already. I had this question when I entered my 40th birthday. At that time, I did not give much attention on the health subject. I just passed my thirties and I feel that my body was still doing OK. However, after talking to many doctors, I found out that the body needs our attention when we become forty and we are going to discuss the topic about how to be fit over 40.

From what I learned from many sources of information, I found out that we all can be healthier at whatever age we are. If we do the following basic steps:

1. Eat the right food
You will need to avoid fatty food like fat and carbohydrate. I know this is very basic but it is really necessary. Vegetables and fibers are also important for our health. Unfortunately, fruits nowadays are so commercialized that we can not get full benefit from them. In stead, we got a lot of sugars from them and that is not so good. Unless, you can find the fruit that have low sugar, you should avoid fruits too.

2. Drink enough water
A lot of people now do not care much about drinking water. That is wrong because water is a very important element of our life. It can cleanse our body and make the body metabolism flows normally. Make sure that you have at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday.

3. Exercise
If you are not the one who exercises regularly, you will have to be careful on doing that now since our body will not be like when we was younger. We can still be fit by exercise but we will need to know the right steps. You can be even fitter than the people in their twenties or thirties. Learning how to have proper exercise is another important puzzle of how to be fit over 40

All of the above ingredients are essential for your health and you will need to learn how to implement it. With the right knowledge, being fit over 40 is not difficult at all.

If you want to know the secret on how to be fit over 40, you can learn it from Fit Over 40 Review.

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Recommended Program
Fit Over 40
Amazing Inspirational Anti-aging,
Health And Weight Loss E-book
For The Over 40 Crowd

A Quick Look at the Fit Over 40 Program
By Allison Thompson Platinum Quality Author

In this article we will provide a review of the Fit Over 40 eBook that can be found on the internet today. The Fit Over 40 review looks at this very interesting book which has been written by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto. But just what is so interesting in particular about this book.

Well for starters it does not tell the reader to do this, do that, eat this or do not eat that. But instead it provides a person with motivation and shows them much better ways of achieving their goals and this is all done through example in the book.

What is particularly good about this book is that during part one it describes all the struggles that Jon Benson went through in order to succeed and transform his body and health to the person you will see today. So the benefit you gain from this book is actually looking at the co-writer who will have gone through the same trials and tribulations that you are facing when you commence looking for a way to make both your body and you much healthier.

Also this eBook is particularly good as it draws on the trials and tribulations of others not just aged 40 but goes up to and includes information on people who are well into their Seventies. It provides you with an insight as to how these 52 people dealt with health issues once they had gone passed the age of 40 and to which many people will find easy to relate to. The reader of this eBook will be looking to attain the same levels of fitness as those that are shown within it rather than trying to reach the unobtainable goals of many pro-athletes in order for them to get in great shape.

Also this eBook provides the reader with the stages of helping to slow the anti aging process that occurs to all of us as we grow older. In this part Tom Venuto specifically looks at weight and strength training, aerobic training, learning to be flexible, lifelong nutrition and recovery and renewal. But he also explains why a big part in order for anyone to get fit and maintaining this fitness and so improving their lifelong health is all to do with a person's mental attitude.

At this point we must reiterate that if you are looking for a guide that will show you what exercises to do and provide you with a tailored workout plan then this is not the book for you. If however you are looking for a great read and reference book to help improve your health and fitness and to motivate you to get fit then this book is well worth considering. If this doesn't motivate you nothing will.

Whether you are over 40 or even in your 20's and need motivation and role models to get you to take action then I would consider looking at Fit Over 40. Hopefully the Fit Over 40 review provided above will provide you with a way for you to achieve your goals. Plus at only $39.00 and with a 60 day money back Guarantee this is a great value for money product.

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